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What is included in my guitar tab purchase?

You will receive the Complete Song in a single Guitar Pro 6 file along with my Custom Presets I use in my Guitar Pro 6 setup. If you do not use Guitar Pro do not worry because you also receive the Complete Song in individual PDF files. You also will receive a Backing Track or a Karaoke Track depending on what song you are purchasing in MP3 format. As a free bonus you will recieve a Complete Audio Recording of the song in MP3 format.

What is a backing track?

A backing track is an audio mp3 of the song you purchased with all the Guitar Leads and Guitar Solos removed so you can play along with the song.

What is a karaoke track?

A karaoke track is an audio mp3 of the song you purchased with all the Vocals removed so you can sing along with the song.

Who creates the guitar tabs?

I do. I write, compose, and arrange all my music. The only thing I don't write is when I do a collaboration with another guitar player they write their own guitar solo(s). I then work with the contributing guest guitarist to tab their solo(s) out as accurate as possible.

How do I receive my order?

Within 24 hours of your purchase you will receive an email with a Custom Download Link to download your order and the file will be in a .Zip Format. Your Custom Download Link will be sent to the email address associated with your PayPal Account or the email address you entered during your PayPal Guest Checkout.

Is my information secure?

Yes. PayPal is used for all personal and payment information and Chris will never share any information you submit with anyone.

Does my download link expire?

Yes. Your Custom Download Link expires 24 hours after it is emailed to you. The expiration time will be noted in the email.

What if I do not receive my download link?

Please allow 24 hours from your purchase time for your Custom Download Link to be emailed to you and make sure you have checked your Spam Folder in case your email provider marked the email as spam. After you confirm that it has been longer then 24 hours and the email is not in your Spam Folder please Contact Customer Service.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is an internet-based platform that allows artists like myself to receive funding directly from my fans, or patrons on a regular basis helping me make not only more videos but better quality videos and recordings.

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What is Guitar Pro?

Guitar Pro is a multitrack editor of guitar tablature, bass tablature, drum tablature, and musical scores. Possessing a built-in MIDI-editor, a plotter of chords, a player, a metronome, and other tools for guitarists and musicians.

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How do I add your presets to my guitar pro?

The simplest way is to open Guitar Pro 6, click on File, then Preferences, click on the three dots next to "Open The Presets Directory", then copy and paste my Custom Presets into the folder, and restart Guitar Pro. My Custom Presets will then be ready to use in my song tabs. To use my presets in other artists songs you need to select them by clicking on the Stomp Box Pedal, then the Selection Menu Drop Down, then Load User Defined Preset, and Select the Preset you want to use.